Our areas of expertise

API Development

At LiveWall we provide API development so that your platform or app is fully equipped with the latest data. We also use the latest cloud technology to ensure that your API and data are maximally scalable. So even when you suddenly receive a hundred thousand visitors.

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Data Driven Design

There is no current website or app that is not built entirely around APIs. For example, there are APIs that retrieve current user data and content, but they are often also used for external links with systems. Think, for example, of product data that needs to be retrieved or payments that are being processed.

So you can imagine that it is extremely important to optimally set up your API ecosystem for efficient use and speed. LiveWall's Platforms & App development team looks at the ideal infrastructure and data storage from the start.

Current Technologies

We make use of various technologies for API development, in different languages, such as PHP or NodeJS. Thereby we use a Restful API, but an API based on GraphSQL is also an option.

By making use of the latest cloud platforms, we can create fully scalable applications that automatically rescale depending on the amount of traffic.

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