LiveWall is a partner of Snapchat

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LiveWall is a partner of Snapchat

LiveWall is a partner of the Snap Lens Network: a group of AR developers working together on the latest developments and innovations for Snapchat. This results in compelling content. What does it mean exactly? Keep reading, we'll explain. 👇

What are Snapchat Lenses?

Snapchat Lenses is a feature in the Snapchat app that adds graphic elements to photos and videos taken within the app. With this feature, you can easily add visual effects, with augmented reality, to your Snaps. Think of objects, characters, transformed images, and other 3D elements.

The Snap Lens Network

"The Snap Lens Network consists of a group of AR developers. Together, we work on the latest developments and innovations for Snapchat," says Chris Pelk, XR Expert at LiveWall. "You can of course always get started with Snapchat Lenses yourself, but within this group, you are actually taken along in the latest developments." Chris explains that the collaboration with the Snap Lens Network is similar to an Early Access Card, which always keeps you involved first. "This way, we are always on top of the innovations within AR technologies."

At LiveWall, we like to work with the latest tech. Chris says, "That's what makes the collaboration with Snapchat so fitting. We are in each other's ecosystem, so we build on each other. This only enhances the great collaboration."

XR: The New Internet

Chris talks more about XR: according to him, the new internet. "XR stands for eXtended Reality. A new internet that is always 'on' and 'around us'." According to Chris, LiveWall is making great strides in XR through its collaboration with Snapchat.

"Where we achieved great success in the past, using AR filters on platforms like Instagram, it's a great step to now see what LiveWall can achieve in collaboration with Snapchat," says Chris. "We are giving a huge boost to the development of Snapchat filters."

The Future What are the plans for the future? Chris says, "LiveWall will develop a lot of compelling content with these Lenses. We will test different possibilities of the Lenses, such as adding CTAs or linking to web pages. This makes the collaboration not only extremely interesting for LiveWall, but also for all our clients."

Do you also want to know more about XR, Snapchat Lenses, and the use of e-commerce? Contact us. We are happy to help you!

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