Six reasons to use a dedicated app for employees

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Six reasons to use a dedicated app for employees

In today's digital world, an app that aligns with your organization is essential. Why? The answer is simple: an app promotes your organization's employer brand, engages employees, and even increases efficiency and revenue. LiveWall colleague Martijn de Nijs will tell you the six most important reasons for having your own employee app.

  1. Increased visibility of your employer brand

One of the most important benefits is that your own app increases the visibility of your employer brand. With an app, employees can find all the important information about their work in one central location. Every time they use their phone or tablet, they see your brand as an employer. If the experience of your app is enjoyable, it increases the likelihood that employees will positively rate your organization's service and return for more. A well-designed app ensures that your organization stands out in a positive way, especially among all other existing apps.

2. Improved employee engagement

An own app offers your organization the opportunity to approach employees in a more personalized way. For example, by using personalized offers, push notifications, and news items. This way, you involve employees, keep them informed of the latest news, and offer them interesting opportunities within your organization. Think of options for a bicycle plan, vitality programs, or a gym membership. This results in satisfied employees and strong loyalty to your organization.

3. Improved employee experience

An own app offers opportunities for improved service to your employees. Employees can submit claims, provide mutations, contact, ask questions, and solve problems through an app. The employee handbook and other knowledge content are also easily consulted through an app. Use unique gamification elements to make an app not only functional, but also fun! What about personal quizzes with leaderboards, team challenges, and rewards? This results in satisfied employees and a strong reputation for your organization.

4. Increased efficiency

In line with the previous point: an own app helps to increase the efficiency of your organization. Various HR processes can be simplified and accelerated through an app. Think of time registration and approval, providing a passport when starting employment, viewing the work schedule, or swapping shifts. By including this functionality in the app and linking it to internal systems, help requests and administrative tasks are picked up more quickly - and enjoyably. This makes all your HR processes faster and more efficient. So, your app doesn't replace all internal systems, but makes them accessible through one central location. And all of this in an appealing way!

5. Extra recruitment channel

A well-designed app helps to fill open vacancies. When an employee is positive about your organization and has the opportunity to share this with his or her network through an employee app, this encourages finding new colleagues. Especially when an incentive is linked to this and the employee can 'save' for nice extras by sharing content. With the right marketing and promotion, your app becomes an extra channel for finding new employees.

6. Competitive advantage

Having your own app gives you a big competitive advantage. It serves as the differentiating power of your organization, making it more attractive to employees who are looking for that one extra thing that makes their work faster and more enjoyable than before.


An app offers a unique opportunity to engage your employees, increase loyalty, and improve the efficiency of HR processes. All on the device they always carry with them. By leveraging the benefits of your own app, your organization distinguishes itself from competitors and builds a strong employer identity.

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