Backstage report: meet Sophie, from film producer to projectmanager

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Backstage report: meet Sophie, from film producer to projectmanager

Welcome to the new backstage report from LiveWall! In this monthly article, we give you a glimpse into the lives of our colleagues. From project managers to content creators, and from developers to team managers, everyone gets their moment in the spotlight. In today's edition: project manager, Sophie Wilms. Read the full article to discover more about her role at LiveWall and her passions outside of work. Hint: dachshunds!

From Amsterdam to beautiful Tilburg

Sophie’s creative heart has always been drawn to everything related to video and film. After completing her media management studies in Breda, she continued her education at the film academy in New York, after which her career began in Amsterdam. Sophie spent four years working at various production companies such as Endemol, Phanta Basta, and NL Film. She contributed to numerous TV productions, including series for the NPO like "Menten" for Zapp and "Moordvrouw" with Wendy van Dijk."I started as a production assistant and progressed to production coordinator and eventually assistant production leader," Sophie shares. "At one point, I had the opportunity to advance to production leader in Amsterdam, but I really wanted to return to Brabant." And we at LiveWall understand that perfectly ;-). Fortunately for us, once Sophie was back in Brabant, she decided to apply to LiveWall a few years later, and the rest is history!

The link between it all

As a project manager, Sophie is the link between the client and the creative team. "I ensure that briefings are ready and well communicated both externally and internally. Additionally, I manage the scope of projects and ensure that quality is maintained." Sophie is known for being always in control, with exceptional planning skills and a knack for organisation. The projects Sophie works on are highly varied but almost always strongly linked to content production. "We strive for strategic partnerships with our clients, helping them build a brand and create campaigns around it, ranging from social ads to brand movies."

Sophie’s favourite project

One project Sophie is particularly proud of is the recruitment campaign for ICT personnel at Brabant Water. "We came up with a concept and created a brand movie that really pushed the boundaries of what we can and want to explore. The result was an incredibly cool video and a beautiful campaign with multiple layers."

The magic of AI and the rise of TikTok

Sophie finds developments in AI and new media very interesting. "AI offers exciting possibilities, such as creating storyboards with tools like MidJourney. This makes the process much more visual and realistic."She also notices that platforms like TikTok are becoming increasingly important for brands. "Clients are looking for ways to utilise these platforms. At LiveWall, we are actively engaged in this as well."

Tips for future colleagues

For future colleagues, Sophie has an important tip: "Passion for the job is crucial. It’s hard work, and you need to have a real affinity for what you do. First, discover where your passion lies, whether it’s video or something else. LiveWall offers many different disciplines, from content creators to developers."

Dream big!

We end with Sophie’s dreams. Who are her dream clients? "Dyson seems like a wonderfully innovative brand to work for. And as a big dog lover, I’d also love to do something for a pet care brand." With her two dachshunds, Frankie and Harry, Sophie finds complete relaxation." With Frankie and Harry, I always find support and they provide distraction when I need it."

That was this month's backstage report! Want to know more about our projects, interested in a collaboration, or keen to work at LiveWall? Get in touch with us!

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