Boosting UEFA’s EURO 2024 in-stadium experiences with the Selfie-FanCam🤳

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Boosting UEFA’s EURO 2024 in-stadium experiences with the Selfie-FanCam🤳

As the excitement for the UEFA Euro 2024 Football Championship is reaching great heights (at least for the us Dutchies who are up for the quarterfinals), fans can look forward to more than just thrilling matches in the stadiums of Germany. This year, our latest engagement technology, the "Selfie-FanCam," is elevating the fan experience to new heights both before matches and during match intermissions. Here's how our Selfie-FanCam works and why it's the next big thing for in-stadium engagement.

What is the Selfie-FanCam?

Selfie-FanCam is an innovative web-application that brings fans their self-directed moment of fame. During half-time of the matches, a QR code is displayed on the big LED screen in the stadium. Fans can scan this QR code to access the Selfie-FanCam page specific to the event they are attending. Once on the page, they can register their smartphones to be part of the live feed on the LED screen.

How does it work?

  1. Scanning the QR code: Fans use their smartphones to scan the QR code displayed on the stadium's LED screen.

  2. Accessing Selfie-FanCam: The QR code directs them to the Selfie-FanCam page for the event. Here, they can register their devices.

  3. Joining the feed: After registration, fans can activate their smartphone cameras, joining a pool of live feeds.

  4. Live display: A Selfie-FanCam operator in the stadium monitors these live feeds through a web-based environment. This operator selects different feeds to be displayed live on the stadium's big screen.

  5. Moment of fame: If a fan's feed is chosen, their camera view is broadcasted for the whole stadium to see, giving them a few seconds of fame before switching to another feed.

Why the Selfie-FanCam is a game changer

  1. Boosts engagement: Selfie-FanCam transforms passive spectators into active participants, enhancing their overall match-day experience. Fans are more likely to stay engaged and excited, knowing they have a chance to be featured on the big screen.

  2. Collects valuable data: The registration process allows for the collection of email addresses and other data, providing valuable insights and marketing opportunities for event organizers.

  3. Consent-based participation: Unlike traditional Fancams where fans are randomly picked by camera operators, Selfie-FanCam ensures that only those who wish to be featured are shown. This consent-based approach respects fans' privacy and makes the experience enjoyable for everyone.

  4. Innovative twist on tradition: By modernizing the classic Fancam concept, this tool aligns with the tech-savvy preferences of today's audiences, offering a seamless blend of live entertainment and digital interaction.

In addition: the ContentWall

In addition to the live feeds, the Selfie-FanCam tool also features the ContentWall, a subpage where fans can upload their personal photos and videos to be shown on the big LED screens. After uploading their content, a moderator reviews and approves the posts before they appear on the screen. This feature allows fans to share their match-day experiences and adds another layer of engagement, making the event even more interactive. check the video above to see the ContentWall in action during the matches of the Dutch national team.

Ready for your moment of fame?

Whether you're cheering for your favorite team or just enjoying the atmosphere, Selfie-FanCam offers a unique opportunity to shine. So, keep your smartphones handy and your eyes on the big screen – your moment of fame might be just a QR scan away!

Curious to learn more about how Selfie-FanCam can transform your events? Contact LiveWall today to discover how we can help you create engaging, memorable experiences for your audience. Let's make your next event a fan favorite!

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