LiveWall launches &ploy, a new innovative label for the development of strong employer brands.

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LiveWall launches &ploy, a new innovative label for the development of strong employer brands.

As an employer, you want to attract the right people to your organization and stand out in the competitive job market. Introducing &ploy, the innovative employer branding label from LiveWall. At &ploy, we bring together our most experienced minds in recruitment communication to create strong employer brands for the most attractive companies. Read below all about the launch of this new label.

A strong employer brand

With &ploy, we enable our clients to create a striking employer brand. We help them position, translate, and tell their brand story. A strategic approach, creativity, and digital knowledge are at the core of this process. Together, we build a strong employer brand.

Launch of the label

We have been working with the employer brands of a large number of clients, such as Achmea, Partou, Tempo Team, and Just Eat Takeaway, for quite some time. "With those names in our portfolio, we realized it was time for our own employer branding label," explains Wouter, our Product Lead. "As an employer, it's essential to keep innovating and responding to a constantly changing job market. That's where &ploy, across the entire candidate and employee journey, helps you."

The distinctive power of &ploy

Standing out, responding, and innovating. How does &ploy work on this? Wouter has an immediate answer. "By determining and realizing the building blocks of the entire candidate and employee journey together with employers," he explains. "We build a web of associations around the employer in the job market. We do this with employer branding campaigns and year-round content." And it doesn't stop there. Wouter: "&ploy translates the employer's brand story into distinctive communication tailored to the target audience. For example, with an interactive 'Work At' platform, or through customized recruitment campaigns."

For new and existing employees

Have potential candidates become employees? &ploy continues to support you. "We devise and develop complete pre- and onboarding experiences. In addition, we implement internal activations and campaigns within the organization. In this way, as an employer, you connect not only new but also existing employees to your brand."

This is how you bind employees to your brand

From external recruitment campaigns to internal activations, from onboarding to offboarding. "By strategically addressing all these components within your recruitment communication, you demonstrate your distinctive power as an employer for both new and existing employees," says Wouter.

Responding to the job market

Why is a strong employer brand crucial? According to Eelco, co-founder of LiveWall, it has to do with the job market. "Ten years ago, we were in a completely different market," he says. "Where you had to fight for a position as an applicant, the roles have now reversed. The employer must convince potential candidates, excite them, and also take a clear position in the job market. Essentially, your marketing team has now also become your HR team, and vice versa. That's what we're addressing with &ploy."

Let's get to work

&ploy matches DNA between employers and employees, finds new talent with passion, and brings your employer brand to life. Want to know more about &ploy? Visit our website.

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