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LiveWall Team as a Service

There are more job vacancies open than ever before: with 115 vacancies per 100 job seekers, there is a great shortage of specialized professionals. This is especially true for software and online development: good back and front-end developers are highly sought after.

Many organizations are deciding to insource their online development from a new digital perspective. However, this cannot be done overnight. LiveWall's Commercial Lead Platforms Martijn de Nijs explains how LiveWall supports and relieves its clients as a business partner by offering "development teams as-a-service".


LiveWall teams are composed of various specialists, such as mobile, front, and backend developers, UI/UX designers, test engineers, and a team lead. Internal and external specialists support these teams when necessary. Some teams work full-time for one client, while others work for multiple clients. Each team has its own specialization, and the knowledge level is high.


All processes within a team are optimized to efficiently and controlledly launch new versions of cool videos, software, apps, or sites. We always look at long-term planning, not just today's demand, but also that of tomorrow and the day after. This way, we can take responsibility for innovation, development, and support within clear budget agreements.


Of course, we involve the same developers in fixed projects wherever possible. This way, they build up knowledge about your organization, your market, and your preferences as a team. This means you can switch faster. The team is up-to-speed, and as a client, you don't have to keep setting up a briefing with requirements. LiveWall guarantees the right knowledge and experience. Moreover, a balanced team is faster and more efficient than a team in which people work together for the first time. So you use your time for actual innovation and progress, not unproductive management.


In this era of strong digitalization, you sometimes want to push boundaries, stretch them, and possibly even move them. This is possible with the LiveWall team as a direct development extension of your organization. The team is directly approachable, also for example to brainstorm with. You don't have to go through a helpdesk employee or account manager first. The team works Agile, Lean, and explores, conceives, and designs in concepts and prototypes. This way, we continuously work on the digital innovation of your organization.


When we start working together, we always start with a kick-off. Together with the team lead, you set up a roadmap. Via short iterations, we add more and more value to your software, app, or site. LiveWall actively collaborates with you and your people, across the boundaries of organizations. This can be done on location, or conversely, partner colleagues can come and work with us. We not only work together, we also celebrate successes together!


Because we work in short periods of 2 weeks (sprints), we quickly get valuable feedback. This way, the team becomes more efficient every day, and we quickly put new ideas into practice. The strategic roadmap and backlog with all wishes serve as a guideline.


LiveWall is a creative, digital production agency founded in 2011 with around 120 enthusiastic colleagues. The headquarters are in Tilburg, but we also have activities in Antwerp and Amsterdam. Creatives, strategists, online marketers, video specialists, designers, web and game developers, everything under one roof. This ensures that we have all the knowledge to create the best online software and experiences possible.


LiveWall works for many leading brands, often in a partnership and for a longer term. In doing so, we form an extension of the organization with our development team, where the customer is in control. So, enjoying the benefits without the burden ;)

Would you like to know more about using a LiveWall team for the development of your next app, website, or platform? Be sure to contact us!

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