3 reasons to use Spotify for your brand

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3 reasons to use Spotify for your brand

Are you looking for new ways to increase the visibility of your brand? Toby van Kerckhoven, account manager at LiveWall, gives three reasons why you should use music streaming service Spotify: "You create real interaction with your brand. A well-executed Spotify campaign also generates more engagement."

First things first: why would you as a consumer want to link to Spotify (and thus share your data)? What's in it for the consumer? "We recommend using Spotify for engagement and branding campaigns," says Toby. "The personalization within Spotify ensures that you really add something for the consumer." Two examples:

1: Personal playlist

"Let fans of an artist or brand generate a personal playlist. A custom music list for during exercise, during your train journey, or for a party. Want to be more data-driven? Then a listening behavior analysis can be used to determine which products match the consumer. Silly example: a yoga mat for meditation music listeners."

2: Visibility

"After the consumer has created a suitable personal playlist, this playlist is automatically added to the user's account. Great for the user and a great way to showcase your brand within Spotify!"

But what can a Spotify campaign do for your brand?

#1 FAN ENGAGEMENT "For example, think of a summer campaign we ran for Big Green Egg," says Toby. "We developed a playlist generator for use during a BBQ. Based on a number of questions on a campaign page (such as: who are you going to BBQ with?), songs were selected that are perfect for your BBQ moment. The result? Engagement and a great addition to the evening." You can easily link such a playlist generator to an activity, such as studying or traveling. Toby shows what he means: "In collaboration with Warner Music and 9292ov, we developed a playlist generator (available in the 9292ov app) that creates a music list that lasts exactly as long as your planned train journey. When the playlist stops, you know: I have to get off soon! A great way to reach your target audience in a unique, personal way."

#2 DATA COLLECTION "As a brand or organization, you want to know a lot about your target audience, so you can respond perfectly to their needs," Toby explains. "That data is no longer limited to Facebook and Instagram, or by collecting email addresses for a newsletter. Listening behavior can be extremely relevant. It tells you something about the interests of your target audience, the festivals they visit, the activities they undertake or their mood."

#3 MUSIC CONNECTS From dark metal to lullabies, podcasts, and audiobooks: everything is available on Spotify. "So you can find a diverse, global audience in one app," explains Toby. The possibilities are endless; look carefully at how your organization best fits the target audience. Through personalized content, an informative podcast, or an inspiring playlist!

API & Data

"Spotify offers developers an interface (API) to retrieve listening behavior. This listening behavior is partly public: for example, which artists are streamed the most worldwide. Other information is private. To retrieve the listening behavior of a specific Spotify user, they must of course give permission. If you handle this well, you can - in addition to retrieving data on listening behavior - also carry out targeted actions. For example, let the user follow a certain artist, playlist, or song. LiveWall has already realized a considerable number of great Spotify campaigns using the Spotify API!"


"Good to know," explains Toby; "Since July 1, 2021, Spotify has been using a special review process for applications that use the Spotify API. Tools or campaigns that we use must therefore be approved first." Logical, thinks Toby: "Spotify would like to know what you are going to use the data for. Given our specialization and because we have already set up so many campaigns, we know everything about the number and type of requests that can be executed."

For much of this information, the user also needs to give permission. "Of course, we work according to privacy legislation," Toby explains. "We help the user with this, of course. They link a Spotify account and we clearly indicate what the user is giving permission for.

LiveWall has already created several tools and campaigns for and with Spotify. For large music organizations and artists (such as Warner Music and Sony Music, but also for well-known brands (Big Green Egg, Disney, 9292ov, Magnum, McDonald's, Playstation, and Adidas).

Are you looking for a suitable, original, and accessible way to get in touch with your target group? Or do you want to serve your fans and learn even more from them? There are plenty of reasons to include a Spotify campaign in your next marketing plans! Check out what LiveWall can do in terms of Engagement here.

Do you want to know more about using a Spotify campaign? Be sure to contact us!

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