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Achmea is the largest financial services provider in the Netherlands. The company has been a leader in the world of insurance for over 200 years and hopes to still be so in 200 years. With major brands under its umbrella such as Centraal Beheer, Interpolis and Zilveren Kruis, Achmea is committed to the happiness of their 10 million customers every day.

Achmea wants to be one step ahead of the future and in order to bring that about and continue to grow, the company would like to connect young, innovative people to the Achmea brand. To realize this, LiveWall is involved in the process of concepting, strategy, campaign and content creation.


The goal of the campaign is to position Achmea as an attractive employer and loved brand with an innovative character. The target group that Achmea focuses on is the higher educated Dutch working population with an age up to 35 years old.

#1stapvoor (#1stepahead)

Is the central theme of Achmea's new campaign. With this campaign LiveWall connects Achmea to young professionals who think ahead, want to innovate and want to stay ahead. When launching the campaign LiveWall uses the See-Think-Do-Care model to trigger the target group in a different way in each phase.

The STDC model

LiveWall chose to use the See-Think-Do-Care model in which different content forms were used. LiveWall distinguishes the hero video, the snippets and social content.


At the center of the campaign is the hero content. A video of 15-20 seconds, which introduces Achmea as an innovative employer to the broader public with #1stepahead. The video features various Achmea locations, with images and text boxes alternating.

Social snippets

In addition to the hero video, LiveWall developed a series of short snippets. The snippets show fragments of people who are #1stepahead. The short snippets with #1stepahead trigger, connect to the perception of the target group and link 'looking ahead' or 'being ahead' to Achmea. In later stages, the focus is on the vacancies and the work as an Achmea employee. Own employees play the leading role in this.

Social content

The social content is deployed by LiveWall through an equipped media campaign on various channels such as Facebook. Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, after which the viewer can click through to the 'werkenbijachmea'/employer branding website. The style is a smooth online ad, which uses quick images, keywords and a strong voice-over to show that Achmea is #1stepahead. A stop motion effect is used which fits #1stepahead perfectly as the story is visually told in 'steps'. Also, several posters/abri's are distributed within Achmea's offices and locations of interest to the target audience, such as around various colleges and universities.


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