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Coca-Cola - Interactive campaigns and activations

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The Coca-Cola Company produces several types of beverages. These include Coca-Cola, Sprite and Fuze tea. In line with the new global Coca-Cola strategy 'Taste the feeling', Coca-Cola enters into partnerships with dozens of event organizations. The development of a creative, innovative and stand-alone brand activation is always the focal point.

For several years now, LiveWall has developed interactive brand activations for Coca-Cola Netherlands. These can be found at various large festivals.The activations vary from a personal aftermovie maker, a branded karaoke system and a recycling machine to a personal Christmas message on the Coca-Cola Christmas truck.

Scan, pose & print

LiveWall, in collaboration with Chase, developed several life-size interactive Coca-Cola bottles that were distributed throughout the festival grounds. These bottles combined several brand activations into one installation: registration, sampling, photos, videos and data capture.


LiveWall provides tens of thousands of personal branded RFID wrist bands that are distributed to Coca-Cola ambassadors at the festival. They can then activate the Coca-Cola bottles on location by the following steps:

1. Buy a bottle of Coca-Cola - Visitors receive an RFID band with the purchase of a Coca-Cola. 

2. Scan your band - Participants scan their band at the life-size Coca-Cola bottles (with integrated tablet and reader).

3. Register yourself - Fans registered directly via social login or email.After registration, activation followed:

4. Pose & picture - Immediately after registration, a unique photo and/or video of the participant and his or her friends is taken.

5. Coupons - The system inside the Coca-Cola bottle then prints out a coupon. As a reward for participating, all participants have a chance to win awesome prizes such as a helicopter ride, backstage access, a meet & greet and much more.

6. Personalized after video - Participants will receive a personalized after video of the festival the next day. Within this video all user-generated content is processed, where visitors are also thanked for participating. This video was developed specifically for Instagram. 

7. Coca-Cola ambassadors - As a result, tens of thousands of personal aftervideos have been shared on social media.


Coca-Cola is fully committed to recycling. In the summer of 2019 and in collaboration with activation agency Chase and stage builder BM Projects, LiveWall developed a unique recycling tower.

Special effects

When the festival visitor throws waste through one of the holes, a custom-built sensor system will trigger various effects, like smoke, bubbles and audio. 

Software and technique

LiveWall provided all the software and technology. With sustainability in mind, this was a particularly innovative activation to create awareness among users.


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