Honda x Red Bull Racing

3d mobile race game

To overview
Honda x Red Bull Racing - 3d mobile race game

The challenge

Honda and Red Bull Racing have a successful partnership in Formula 1. The sport has grown in popularity in the United States in recent years. Honda USA and Red Bull therefore wanted to activate their partnership digitally in an innovative way towards Formula 1 fans in the US.

Red Bull Racing and Honda are innovative brands. This was also reflected in the challenge they gave us: develop a striking campaign with a mobile game that is innovative but also exudes 'fun & entertainment'. The game served a wide audience of fans and not just die-hard Formula 1 fans.


The video below was produced by Red Bull Racing

The goal

The aim of the campaign was to activate the partnership between Honda and Red Bull Racing and promote the introduction of the new Honda Civic Si. The game's launch and campaign was set around the United States Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austin.

In addition to developing the mobile game, Honda has also asked us to create promotional content for the game. For this purpose, various ads with bets on Reddit, TikTok and Instagram were created. Video content was also created to be shared via the Honda accounts on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Honda x Red Bull Racing - 3d mobile race game
Honda x Red Bull Racing - 3d mobile race game

3d racegame

The best mobile game campaigns are characterized by the fact that they can be played easily in the browser of your mobile phone. You do not need to download an app for this. With this as a starting point, after an intensive concept phase, we have arrived at the development of a mobile racing game that is completely set up in a 3D environment and contains associated 3D assets such as the latest Honda Civic and a digital replica of the RB16B, the car in which Max Verstappen became world champion.

In this game you can race on multiple tracks in a full 3d environment. The further you get in the game without crashing, the more points you get. By gaining points, you can continue to the next circuit and you get the opportunity to upgrade your car to other models from Honda and Red Bull Racing.

In terms of development, this case was a huge innovation. Developing a 3d racing game for use via a browser brings great challenges. You're at the mercy of the browser's graphical performance and the way it uses the hardware of the device you're playing it on. We have solved this by making smart use of the latest techniques such as the latest version of WebGL and Unity. In addition, there are various browsers in which it should work. Unlike an app, there is a huge package of variables that you have little control over.

Honda x Red Bull Racing - 3d mobile race game
Honda x Red Bull Racing - 3d mobile race game


The game was launched a few days prior to the US Grand Prix in Texas. For 4 weeks, the fans could try to set the highest possible high score. With this she had a chance to win amazing prizes every week. The game was therefore available web-based, a conscious choice to keep the game easily accessible for the fans.

In the game itself, the aim is to keep the car on the track for as long as possible without crashing into anything. Will this happen? Then you're game over. With each round, the difficulty increases and it is a bigger challenge to avoid a collision.

Content creation

In addition to developing the game itself, together with our internal colleagues from LiveWall Studios, we also developed the promotional assets for the game such as a 15 second promo video that was used by Honda on various social media and paid media channels.

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