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McDonald's - Hyper Casual Games

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A lot of companies approach LiveWall to increase the loyalty of their customers. These requests are handled by the team at LiveWall Engagement, by creating hyper casual games, for example. These are games that are easy to play and increase interaction with the company.

A good example of this are the games LiveWall makes for McDonald's. McDonald's is one of the largest restaurant chains in the world. In 1971 McDonald's opened the first European branch in the Netherlands. With now over 250 restaurants in just our country, it’s hard to imagine a world without the big yellow ‘M’.

McDonald's often uses the hyper casual games and has applied them in several ways. Examples of games LiveWall developed for McDonald's include: FriesHit, McFlurry Slice Game, Gift Calendar Game and Spot The Ball.

McDonald's - Hyper Casual Games
McDonald's - Hyper Casual Games
McDonald's - Hyper Casual Games

The Idea

The basis for the Hyper Casual Games is generally the same. The games are found in the mobile app of the company (in this case McDonald's). They are intended to create loyalty and interaction with the brand. In addition, the games are also used to increase visitor numbers. To get more visitors in the store, the games offer coupons for the participants. These are offered using two different strategies: coupons based on the first x number of participants, or coupons based on performance of the participants.


A McAppStore has been developed for McDonald's. This serves as a webshop on which all branches of McDonald's - spread over several countries - can purchase the developed apps. When the games have been purchased, they are easy to adapt on the GMA Lite platforms. New games are added and are continuously renewed.

McDonald's - Hyper Casual Games
McDonald's - Hyper Casual Games
McDonald's - Hyper Casual Games

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