Opsin Optics

360 brand launch

To overview
Opsin Optics - 360 brand launch

The challenge

Opsin Optics, a Belgian optician franchise, recently achieved a significant milestone by launching ten new stores, establishing their brand from scratch. This accomplishment underscores the vital role played by United Playgrounds, who delivered a comprehensive and impactful brand package within a four-week timeframe.

United Playgrounds is a collection of companies including LiveWall, Verve, 100%, De Nieuwe Zaak, Fitzroy and Globrands. For this case, we have been working together with the other agencies to create a 360 degrees brand launch. 

Our work included developing a cohesive visual identity and crafting a strategic positioning proposal. Additionally, we've set up and optimized social media channels, designed and launched a user-friendly website, produced engaging in-store display content, created branded product assets, conducted professional photography sessions, and implemented advanced marketing automation and direct marketing strategies. This comprehensive approach ensured that Opsin Optics had a solid foundation for their grand opening, setting the stage for their growth and success in the competitive market.


Opsin Optics - 360 brand launch
Opsin Optics - 360 brand launch

The deliverables

Here's what United Playgrounds accomplished for Opsin Optics in this tight timeline:

  • Visual Identity: Created a cohesive and compelling visual identity to define the brand's aesthetic.
  • Positioning Proposal: Developed an initial positioning proposal to strategically place Opsin Optics in the market.
  • Social Channels: Set up and optimized social media channels to ensure a robust online presence.
  • Website: Designed and launched a user-friendly and engaging website.
  • In-store Display Content: Produced captivating in-store display content to enhance the shopping experience.
  • Branded Product Assets: Created branded product assets to align with the new visual identity.
  • Photography: Conducted professional photography sessions to showcase the products and stores.
  • Marketing Automation and Direct Marketing: Implemented marketing automation tools and direct marketing strategies to streamline customer engagement.

With these foundational elements in place, Opsin Optics is poised for the next phase of growth. The coming period will focus on advancing their digital strategy, media planning, new website enhancements, and a comprehensive social media plan.

Opsin Optics - 360 brand launch
Opsin Optics - 360 brand launch


Opsin Optics has expressed great satisfaction with United Playgrounds' swift and centralized approach, highlighting the group's collaboration efficiency and effectiveness in delivering results.

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve a seamless and impactful brand launch, just like we did for Opsin Optics. Let's create something amazing together!

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