A Guiding Breeze

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Rituals - A Guiding Breeze

The challenge

Rituals and LiveWall have a gamification and loyalty development partnership. Throughout the year LiveWall develops digital experiences to engage fans of the Rituals brand. As part of the first Sakura & Yozakura wave, we have created an engaging and immersive game that not only entertains but also enhances Rituals fans' connection to their seasonal themes. The result is "A Guiding Breeze," a serene and captivating game that blends the tranquil beauty of cherry blossoms with intuitive and relaxing gameplay.

Rituals’ goal was to launch a game that offers a zen-like experience, similar to the well-loved game "Flower," while seamlessly integrating the Sakura & Yozakura themes. We needed to ensure the game was not only enjoyable but also easy to play, with controls that anyone could pick up quickly. Additionally, we aimed to create a dynamic environment that changes with the time of day, providing a fresh experience for users every time they play.

The Concept

"A Guiding Breeze" is designed to be a soothing journey where players guide a single cherry blossom petal through various landscapes. Using swipe and touch gestures, players navigate their petal, collecting spring calendar products while avoiding small gusts of wind. 

The game features:

  • Day and Night Levels
    The game's theme changes based on the device's time, showcasing the Sakura setting during the day and the Yozakura setting at night. (light vs dark)

  • Intuitive Controls
    Simple motion controls and touch gestures allow for easy navigation, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all players.

  • Audiovisual Experience
    The game includes dynamic soundscapes that respond to players' actions, enhancing the overall immersive experience.The primary objective is to collect all ten spring calendar products, which then sweeps the petal towards the Sakura tree, marking the end of the journey and the start of a new collection.
Rituals - A Guiding Breeze
Rituals - A Guiding Breeze

The Results

"A Guiding Breeze" successfully delivered a relaxing and engaging experience that resonated well with the Rituals brand fans. Resulting in tens of thousands opt-ins in the first weeks and a playthrough rate of 95%, which is significant in the world of short-attention spanned online content. 

Overall, "A Guiding Breeze" not only met but exceeded our expectations, offering a delightful and tranquil experience that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the Sakura & Yozakura wave.

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Rituals - A Guiding Breeze
Rituals - A Guiding Breeze

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