Epic Records

Welcome to Tyger Air

To overview
Epic Records - Welcome to Tyger Air

The challenge

Tyla, a world-famous artist, wants to offer her fans a unique experience that brings them even closer to her. In collaboration with her record label, Epic Records, she aims to create an interactive and personal way for her fans to connect with her and her brand.

The challenge for LiveWall is to develop a digital experience that is both personal and informative, encouraging fans to actively participate and share.

Epic Records - Welcome to Tyger Air
Epic Records - Welcome to Tyger Air

The Concept

We developed the 'Tyger Air' experience for Tyla, which includes a digital 3D overworld. Within the overworld, which smoothly flies into view with animations, fans can click on various elements. The overworld is launched in two phases.

Tyger ID: With the Tyger ID, fans can create a personalized ID featuring Tyla's recognizable branding. These IDs are unique and reflect Tyla's global appeal. Fans can share their Tyger ID on all social media platforms and within Tyla's Discord community, making it both a personal and social experience, allowing fans to proudly showcase their connection with Tyla.

Flight Tracker: With the Flight Tracker, fans who have a Tyger ID can visit two new cities or countries daily. Each visit offers a unique fact or tidbit about Tyla related to that specific place, from music videos to exclusive behind-the-scenes photos. By participating in these virtual journeys, fans stand a chance to win a trip to one of Tyla's concerts. This feature encourages daily interaction and engagement from the fans.

Epic Records - Welcome to Tyger Air
Epic Records - Welcome to Tyger Air


The launch of Tyger Air has led to significant engagement from Tyla's fans worldwide. The ability to create and share a personalized Tyger ID has resulted in a substantial increase in social media activity surrounding Tyla.

The Flight Tracker gives fans something to look forward to daily and has created positive buzz, allowing fans to learn more about Tyla while also having the chance to win a fantastic prize. This case demonstrates how digital innovation and creativity can come together to create a rich, interactive experience that brings fans closer to their idol.

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