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At LiveWall we ensure that you translate your product, brand or company to your customer in the most captivating way. And video plays an important role. Lucky for us: we love online content and specifically How To and Explainer videos.

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What are Explainer and How To Videos

To transfer information to your company or customers, Explainers & How To Videos are the ideal solution. They are short, online marketing tools that you use to explain your product or service. These videos boost your conversion and ensure that visitors stay on your website up to twice as long. Sounds good, right? Together we'll look at what best suits your company, brand or product and transform this into video content that really appeals to and informs your target group.


Content that offers consumers explanation, information or help is also referred to as 'help content'. Consumers scour the internet looking for the fastest and most effective way to absorb new information. That means that it is a smart choice to respond to this. It offers an extra layer in your service and often ensures more engagement with your customers. This way you not only help them with your product or service, but you are also a helping hand in using it. Using Explainer videos is an ideal way to provide help content.

Explainer video's information

How To Video

Consumers are increasingly using video to conduct research. Up to 55% use online video or a platform such as YouTube or TikTok in the orientation phase before a purchase, to inform themselves and to gain product or brand knowledge.

Did someone buy your product? Then a How To video provides a clear explanation of how best to use this product. A win for the customer, but certainly for your engagement and for relieving your customer service!

How to video Information

Our expertise


We provide a surprising concept for your employer brand or recruiting campaign, which fits perfectly with the target group of your employer brand.


Our in-house team takes care of the entire production of your (employers) campaign. Our producers, animators, editors and video experts ensure a world-class end product.

Media campaigns

For your Explainer and How-To video strategy, we draw up a targeted media plan together, with clear KPIs and a good channel strategy.


Our team of creatives develops a suitable script for your video, so that the message of your video content really reaches your target group.


To get your message across, our team will take care of the entire production for you: from storyline to animation, from editing to video.


Our in-house animators ensure the perfect finish to your video content.


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Want to know what How-To videos can do for your company? We like to think along!

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