Our areas of expertise

Front end development

Using the latest techniques, we ensure that your web application or website immediately evokes enthusiasm among the user. Whether that's because of beautiful animations and transitions, or because the interface responds quickly and feels good.

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Websites come to life

With Front End Development we bring a design to life. This can be a very strong visual design that is converted into a working website, or a more technical web application where we mainly focus on making the application work. Anyway: the user experience comes first, we make sure that everything looks great and that everything feels good. In addition, within LiveWall we use the latest techniques and possibilities, as are also used by large organizations such as Google and Facebook. Think of React and Vue in combination with modern architecture.

Our Team

LiveWall has a complete in-house development team with which we can quickly switch in the development of the website. Thanks to our broad experience, nothing is too crazy: from B2B websites to consumer websites with millions of hits. We use the latest techniques and innovations to optimize the site.

This is what we do

You have come to the right place for optimal front-end development. At LiveWall we work with:

1. The latest technologies for web applications.

2. Responsive websites and web applications.

3. Optimization for SEO and performance.

4. Strong visual support, in collaboration with our UI/UX designers.

5. Customized development, where we are not tied to templates or fixed setups.

6. Technology that fits the demand.

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