Our areas of expertise

Webapps and data-apps

LiveWall develops web applications or data-applications that are super easy to use and have maximal performance. That could be anything. From a full B2C social community, to a B2B application that can only be used by a limited group of employees. We always use the latest technology and provide a scalable, and highly data-driven environment.

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Technology meets design

At LiveWall, design and technology must combine optimally. A web application must not only show all the necessary data, but it's at least as important that the data is available very quickly and is very easy to understand. From the start of the project, we put together a team with our data engineers, but also UX designers, to bring these worlds together. We work together throughout the development process, and preferably we test with real end users.

Data, data, data

Web applications often revolve around data. This is often a collection of API links that unlocks all data from the database, or from external sources. LiveWall has a lot of experience in reading this data, and everything that comes with it. Think of scalability, caching and security: everything that contributes to the maximum experience.

Technology First

At LiveWall we use the latest techniques for web applications. We look for the best technology match from the start. We also use React and Vue for the front end. Within the backend, this is often PHP/Laravel or NodeJS/Express. These are current standards for modern applications. For databases we use techniques such as SQL, MongoDB or Cassandra.


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