What we do

We create and innovate. Development, experimenting, entrepreneurship: those are our roots. It's in our DNA. We won't make campaigns or apps because 'they are always made that way'. We want to do better. Make it more beautiful. Bring a smarter approach. Together with you. We look at your goals and help you find the best solutions on the market. No solutions available? No problem. With our in-house development and production team, we simply create it ourselves.

What we do

We create and innovate. Development and entrepreneurship are our roots. We don't develop apps or create campaigns because 'they are always made that way'. We want to do better. Make it more beautiful. Smarter. Faster. Together with you.

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LW Studios develops marketing strategies, content plans, unique (video) productions and appealing social campaigns.

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Our team of technical and creative masterminds enriches your business with a stunning website, web app or mobile app.

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Engagement & Gaming

We process the latest techniques in the field of mobile gaming, innovation and 3D in online campaigns, so your users become super fans.

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This is how we roll

We love what we do and care deeply about who we do it with. The sky is not the limit, but only the starting point 🚀

Short lines of communication

At LiveWall we work in sprints, with a dedicated project team, a fixed point of contact and thanks to our in-house development and production team we don't have to outsource anything.

Full service and in-house

From development to engagement expert. From fan experience to animator. From copywriter to content strategist. And from videographer to event expert. You will find all expertise at LiveWall.


At LiveWall we believe in combining expertise. We know how to build an app, but also what content fits best. We can create an activation, and we can organize the event. Together you achieve the best result.


We work in partnerships. Together we work towards one goal, we challenge each other and we strengthen each other with expertise

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LiveWall is a digital agency. With a team of developers, designers, app developers, webdevelopers and designers we create high end digital products.