The innovative world of AI-driven story creation

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The innovative world of AI-driven story creation

Artificial intelligence opens doors to a world of unprecedented and exciting possibilities. Imagine producing content that is more efficient and of higher quality, or generating videos in over 20 languages. This is just the beginning. One of the most thrilling developments is the creation of personalised stories and texts. How wonderful would it be to receive a poem, story, or text tailored specifically to you, instead of a standard message? This is our passionate focus, and we'd love to take you on this adventure.

Personal Stories: More Than Words 

An AI-generated personal story can take many forms. From a secret love card for your Valentine at KLM, to a Sinterklaas poem, or a bedtime story for children, as we have done for HEMA. These applications can be both entertaining and educational, from assisting in writing motivation letters and blog posts to creating personalised emails.

Technical Challenges of AI Stories

Generating personal stories with AI is not only fun and valuable but also brings challenges such as ensuring brand safety, managing format, and tone of voice.

  • Brand Safety: AI can sometimes be misled, known as 'prompt injection', where people find methods to make AI say things its creators want to prevent. To counter this, we use standard security measures in AI APIs like those from OpenAI, trained to respond safely and correctly. Additionally, we implement techniques like word exclusion and intention checks to guarantee brand safety.

  • Format Management: AI, like ChatGPT, can respond in various ways. Directing the format of the output without affecting the content is a challenge. Methods like specifying the medium and dynamically adjusting the size can help. In extreme cases, the model can even be fine-tuned for precision in format and length.

  • Tone of Voice: The way AI communicates, from word choice to the use of emoticons, is crucial. We use system prompts and custom instructions in ChatGPT to guide the AI and achieve the desired tone of voice through examples, rules, and character suggestions.

Your Personal Story

Integrating AI into the creation of personal stories and texts represents a significant advance in content creation. AI enables us to generate unique, tailor-made stories, from romantic Valentine's cards to children's stories and even useful texts like motivation letters and blog posts. This technology not only offers a more personalised experience for users but also opens new doors for creative and educational purposes.

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