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Platform & App development

With our team of platform specialists, we help you create custom platform applications. From content websites and data applications to cross-channel platforms and mobile apps: we’ve got you covered 👌

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Strong Technology

We develop platforms that make the online landscape just a little bit more beautiful, smarter, better, or more fun. Think of websites, mobile apps, web applications, and data applications. All, of course, with the highest user experience and the latest technology. 👨💻

Together, we decide the scope, and with our user experience designers, we determine which functionalities the platforms should include. The visual design brings the fully designed platform to life, after which our developers get to work on the mobile app and front and back end development. The result: a functional platform. 👍

And the technology? A modern cloud architecture, open-source CMS, or another well-known setup. It all depends on what you and your visitors want and need.💡


Mobile apps

The native and hybrid mobile apps we develop are your website’s best buddies and offer an optimal user experience.

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Content platforms and websites

LiveWall develops content platforms and websites. Needless to say, with a clear UX design and a suitable design.

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Webapps and Data-apps

Fully data-driven web applications that provide data insights, are used to manage data and guarantee a fast user experience.

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Our expertise

User Experience

Within the UX design, we provide the optimal experience for the end-user.

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Visual design

Our visual designers create eye-catching digital designs

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Api development

Our team of back-end developers takes care of the development of all necessary API’s.

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App development

Mobile app development with the latest techniques.

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Front end development

Our developers will set up your website or one-pager according to the specifications.

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CMS integration

To make the data dynamic, we link your content management system to the app.

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