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In addition to promoting sales, loyalty and optimizing a brand, LiveWall also creates complete apps. LiveWall helps several startups with the development of their own app. Thereby LiveWall is involved from creation to product.

One of these startups is VYTAL. VYTAL came with the question to develop a very complete innovative food app and platform. Based on an algorithm, the app automatically puts together ideal food schedules. The goal of the app is to reach your target weight in a fun and tasty way.

Info and conversion

The app that LiveWall has developed for VYTAL, aims to inform the visitor about the extensive possibilities of the platform. To boost the use of the website, various dynamic elements have been used to keep the user interested. There are also various buttons and calls to action that lead to conversion.

How does it work?

The VYTAL nutrition platform consists of a mobile app (both suitable for iOS and Android), a coaching module in a web environment and a public website. The platform offers automated personalized nutrition advice. In addition, there is a separate module in the web environment, which is intended to guide app users. The app proposes a pre-programmed personal menu each day, based on the user's energy needs and their goals and preferences.

Platform for coaches

The app takes into account macronutrients, allergies, food preferences, desired variety and maximum preparation time, among other things. VYTAL offers a platform where coaches, clubs, personal trainers and other professionals can fully guide users in their process. The platform offers all the tools necessary for optimal client guidance in the areas of nutrition and behavior.

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