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Proximus - Proximus+ world

The challenge

Proximus is launching the Proximus+ app, an all-in-one solution that helps users manage their lives effortlessly. As one of the biggest telco providers in Belgium, Proximus aims to establish itself as more than just a telecommunications company. The introduction of this app is accompanied by an extensive launch campaign to make the app known to a wide audience.

LiveWall creates an exciting first interaction within the app through a 3D world, where users are introduced to new functionalities. Additionally, the app includes four different games over several weeks, each linked to a specific app functionality.

The concept

LiveWall and Proximus bring the Proximus+ App to life in an engaging 3D world. Users enter an interactive environment where they go on a discovery tour while also having the chance to win attractive prizes. This concept transforms the Proximus+ App into an immersive and interactive experience. Users are invited to explore the 3D world and discover various components such as MyHome, MyTelco, MyNeighborhood, and MyMobility. By actively participating and exploring the 3D world, users are rewarded with prizes.

Besides discovering these sections, users can also participate in four exciting games to win weekly or monthly prizes if they finish at the top of the leaderboard. These games are launched in phases to encourage repeat visits even more.

Proximus - Proximus+ world
Proximus - Proximus+ world


The communication objectives for this campaign are multifaceted. Proximus positions itself as more than a telecom provider. The app is free and accessible to everyone, highlighting inclusivity. Users are given an overview of the many features, with emphasis on all-in-one personalization and new services to be discovered. The Proximus+ App is user-friendly and promotes progress in daily life, supports connectivity between different aspects of life, and thus becomes an integral part of the daily routine.

About the Proximus+ App

The Proximus+ App serves as your digital sidekick, tailored to your personal preferences. With the Proximus+ App, you manage various aspects of your daily life from one central place.

The app is divided into four main categories that go beyond just telecommunications services. For instance, with MyHome, you can optimize your energy consumption and choose the energy contract that best suits you. MyTelco assists you with all matters related to your Proximus services and telecommunications needs. MyNeighborhood allows you to book restaurants and discover local events. Lastly, MyMobility makes it easier to find the best routes to your destination and assists with obtaining insurance.

The Proximus+ App is a powerful tool that not only manages your connectivity but also serves as a central point for managing and planning a wide range of daily activities.

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