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McDonald's - Flappy Wacko game

The challenge

When McDonald’s Belgium decided to launch their unique Wacko Guaco burger, they knew they needed an innovative strategy to reach their audience and create a buzz. Thus, the Flappy Wacko game was born - a delightful blend of fun, engagement, and a novel way to introduce their new offering.|

McDonald's faced a two-fold challenge: they needed to boost their monthly active users and inject an element of excitement into their mobile application. How could they encourage their existing user base to engage more frequently while also attracting new users? Furthermore, they wanted to promote the concept of choice in their new burger, which was available in three different versions: chicken, beef, and veggie.

The solution

Flappy Wacko Game In response to the challenge, the innovative Flappy Wacko game was designed and integrated into the McDonald's app. This branded game not only aimed at encouraging increased engagement but also ingeniously promoted their new Wacko Guaco burger.

To make the game more interactive and personalized, we allowed users to choose their own 'team', based on their preferred version of the Wacko Guaco burger - chicken, beef, or veggie. The game's design and character would then change to reflect the user's choice, creating a more immersive and personalized gaming experience. This also meant that McDonald's now knows the preference of the user which they can use in follow-up campaigns.

Leveraging McDonald's existing loyalty points program, we gave users the opportunity to spend their points for an extra life in the game. This feature heightened the competitive element of the game, encouraging users to engage more and improve their scores.

McDonald's - Flappy Wacko game
McDonald's - Flappy Wacko game

Reward and outcome

Playing the game was not just about getting a high score or fun; it also offered the chance to win a unique McDonald's goodie. In this case, the winning prize was an eye-catching inflatable avocado pool float, a nod to the key ingredient of the Wacko Guaco burger.

Outcome: The Flappy Wacko game was a strategic triumph, driving app engagement and promoting the new Wacko Guaco burger in a fun, engaging way. The unique gaming features and the tantalizing prospect of a McDonald's goodie helped increase monthly active users, while reinforcing the brand's commitment to offering choice and fun to its customers.

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