Advent Game: Bringing Light to Rituals' Fans

To overview
Rituals - Advent Game: Bringing Light to Rituals' Fans

The challenge

Every year, Rituals releases a physical advent calendar filled with delightful surprises. For this edition, our challenge was clear and present: translating the essence of the campaign and the tangible advent calendar into an immersive gaming experience. The game had to not only capture the attention of users but also seamlessly integrate the brand's message, aligning with Rituals' ethos and commitment to storytelling.

The solution

In collaboration with Rituals, LiveWall created a gaming journey that plunges fans deep into the world of this year's advent calendar. Maintaining the essence of storytelling, which is paramount to Rituals, the game subtly incorporated the narrative found in the brand's TV commercials and the advent calendar itself.

Players are tasked with a noble mission: to restore light to a village. As they navigate through the four consecutive levels, they must collect 'shines' to complete each stage. After completing a level, players can progress to the next or continue enjoying the current game's experience. And as a nod to the physical calendar, once players ignite all four candles (mirroring the four candles in the advent calendar), they are rewarded with a captivating animation showing the 3D Christmas tree advent calendar illuminating the village.

Rituals - Advent Game: Bringing Light to Rituals' Fans
Rituals - Advent Game: Bringing Light to Rituals' Fans

Reward and outcome

The primary objectives of the campaign were to engage the customer base, enhance customer lifetime value (CLV), and amass leads. The results? The game was played millions of times, boasting an impressive average engagement time of 12 minutes. What's more, over half of all new leads willingly opted in for email campaigns, marking a significant victory in Rituals' engagement strategy.

The Outcome

The project stands as a testament to the power of creative collaboration and the limitless potential of brand-aligned gamification. As one testimonial aptly put it, "Thanks to the creativity of LiveWall, we managed to come up with an on-brand gamification concept." The Advent Game has not only brought light to a virtual village but also illuminated the hearts and minds of Rituals' dedicated fan base.

Rituals - Advent Game: Bringing Light to Rituals' Fans
Rituals - Advent Game: Bringing Light to Rituals' Fans

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