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Holland and Barrett - Journals Campaign

The challenge

Dark days and cold temperatures can take a toll on your physical and mental health. And the motivation to stay active and mindful during the cold winter months? Sometimes, it's hard to find. So, Holland & Barrett Benelux, a retailer of health and wellness products, saw a great opportunity to offer its customers a helping hand.

In collaboration with 100%, Holland & Barrett launched the Winter Journals; a lead-generation campaign that helps customers get through the winter fit and resilient. With free and personalized advice, calming games, and exclusive offers.

The concept

The campaign is divided into two parts: physical fitness and mental health.

Campaign Part 1: Personal Fitness Goals

In the first phase of the campaign, customers are encouraged to kick off the new year actively by achieving their personal fitness goals with the help of free personalized advice.

Customers fill out a questionnaire about their fitness goals, after which they receive immediate advice on how to optimally recover and thus get the most out of their workouts.

Campaign Part 2: Winter Unwind

The second phase of the campaign focuses on mental health, a crucial aspect during the cold, dark winter months. The 'Winter Unwind' journal offers customers a moment of relaxation through a relaxing 3D coloring page, accompanied by various prompts and a cup of chamomile tea.

This activity is designed to promote relaxation and calm, with four 3D dioramas guided by a calm, soothing voice. Participants can tap elements in the dioramas that come to life in color, contributing to a soothing experience.

Holland and Barrett - Journals Campaign
Holland and Barrett - Journals Campaign
Holland and Barrett - Journals Campaign
Holland and Barrett - Journals Campaign

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