Summer of Skate by McFlurry

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McDonald's - Summer of Skate by McFlurry


As a provider of brand activations within the Belgian version of the McDonald's app, LiveWall has already created a wide range of campaigns. This summer, it's time to promote the McFlurry. To facilitate this, we've created an online tool where you can design and customize your own McDonald's merchandise.

In addition to the in-app brand activation, LiveWall has crafted a comprehensive content campaign. This will be launched both as an ad campaign and organic social content.



About the McDonald's Summer of Skate

In a fusion of summer fun and skate culture, McDonald's Belgium and LiveWall teamed up for the most exciting campaign of the season: The Summer of Skate, presented by McFlurry®.

McDonald's, always keen on engaging with its customers in fresh and fun ways, was eager to leverage the summer vibe to promote the McFlurry®. LiveWall, with its innovative approach to brand activation, created a digital platform where customers could create and customize their own McDonald's merchandise. This interactive tool added a unique, personalised touch to the campaign, allowing users to not only engage with the brand but also make it their own.

Alongside the digital merchandising tool, LiveWall designed an exciting content campaign for McDonald's that was strategically deployed both as an advertising campaign and as organic social content. Drawing on the action-packed appeal of skateboarding and the cool refreshment of a McFlurry®, the campaign sought to engage with the audience at multiple levels.

The summer of Skate wasn't limited to just digital activations, though. McDonald's went all out, hosting a series of unmissable skate events across Belgium. From the ODK Contest in Oostduinkerke to the Antwerp Skate Contest, each event brought skateboarders and McFlurry® lovers together, infusing a sense of community into the campaign. 

To cap it all, McDonald's offered its fans the chance to win exclusive McDonald's merchandise through the app. All they had to do was design their own skateboard, hoodie, T-shirt, or bucket hat. The most creative design would win, driving user engagement and excitement.

Finally, to keep the summer vibes rolling, McDonald's continually gave away McFlurry® hoodies, caps, and T-shirts on their TikTok, IG, and Facebook accounts. The Summer of Skate campaign represented a fantastic blend of physical and digital activations, creating a comprehensive, engaging, and ultimately fun brand experience.

McDonald's - Summer of Skate by McFlurry
McDonald's - Summer of Skate by McFlurry
McDonald's - Summer of Skate by McFlurry
McDonald's - Summer of Skate by McFlurry

Multi-disciplinary approach

At LiveWall, we took a multi-faceted approach to bring the Summer of Skate campaign to life, utilizing a variety of cutting-edge techniques and technologies. First, we harnessed the power of the Three.js JavaScript 3D library in the front-end of the tool. This allowed users to see and manipulate 3D models of the skateboard and other merchandise, providing a highly interactive and personalized experience.

Our content creation strategy emphasized authenticity and dynamism. We used model photography to produce organic lifestyle shots that would resonate with our target audience, creating a sense of realism and relatability. Further, we innovatively combined these still shots with stop-motion content, producing engaging hero video ads and weekly update ad videos that kept the campaign fresh and exciting.

Our work extended into the realm of video content development, where we crafted motion graphics using Adobe After Effects. We didn't limit ourselves to traditional video content but leveraged the 3D models from our customisation tool, creating a coherent visual language across all touchpoints of the campaign. This approach allowed us to seamlessly blend the merchandise featured in the stop-motion photos with the 3D asset in the video, creating a fluid, immersive experience that truly reflected the dynamic spirit of the Summer of Skate campaign.

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