Fresh Forward: The Rebranding of Claro Carwash

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Claro - Fresh Forward: The Rebranding of Claro Carwash

The challenge

Claro Carwash is a chain of car wash stations that prides itself on doing things a little differently than the rest. Operating 12 locations across the Netherlands, Claro's goal with the rebranding effort is to become the premier car wash in the Benelux region. Achieving this ambition required a robust website, distinctive designs, and a memorable tagline. This is where LiveWall stepped in, rolling up their sleeves over the past few months.

Curious about how this partnership unfolded? Join us as we delve into the story.



Claro - Fresh Forward: The Rebranding of Claro Carwash


At Claro Carwash, it's all about that refreshing sensation you get when everything is in perfect order. Because when your car is clean, you radiate confidence. Claro Carwash aims to deliver this very feeling to its customers. To uphold this promise, Claro adopted a clear communication strategy, featuring a personal tone of voice, designs characterized by a recognizable color palette, and a visual style that instantly conveys that radiant feeling. And let's not forget Bello, the mascot dog, who assists customers with all their questions. That’s just Pico Bello, right? 

New Website and Tagline
Our journey began at the crossroads of essential information and the customer commitment. The development team embarked on creating the new Claro Carwash website. To give it life, they critically, creatively, and collaboratively reexamined Claro's tagline. The result? "Fresh Forward" or, in Dutch, "Fris Vooruit," a fresh new credo. The website was then enriched with content that reflects Claro's distinctive tone. Here, customers can access all the vital information, from subscriptions and wash passes to frequently asked questions and nearby washing locations.

Offline Designs
Beyond establishing an online presence, it was time to bring the new Claro brand to life offline. This materialized in the physical rebranding of two Claro car wash stations, completely adorned with new designs on nearly every tool and object found in a car wash. Whether in the car wash facility, at the washing bays, or on all signage, the brand's style is evident. Curious about what this looks like? Take a peek below!

Claro - Fresh Forward: The Rebranding of Claro Carwash
Claro - Fresh Forward: The Rebranding of Claro Carwash

Client testimonial

"I am extremely satisfied with our collaboration with LiveWall. Up to now, they have exceptionally helped us in developing a top-notch website and implementing our new brand in all our marketing expressions, both online and offline.

LiveWall excels in perfectly articulating our brand post our rebranding. What truly sets LiveWall apart and makes them the perfect partner for us, is the fact that they provide a comprehensive team of experts, including 100%Email, enabling us to communicate with just one party.

The collaboration runs smoothly thanks to their rapid response and their ability to solve even the most unexpected questions immediately, which I have not experienced before and requires tremendous flexibility and commitment from the LiveWall team (also outside regular office hours).

I am looking forward to an even brighter future with the development of social media, app, and a state-of-the-art marketing technology system by LiveWall and all the associated partners."

Claro - Fresh Forward: The Rebranding of Claro Carwash
Claro - Fresh Forward: The Rebranding of Claro Carwash

The Future

The seamless partnership between Claro Carwash and LiveWall is far from over. In addition to their rebranding, we have plans for future online campaigns to reach customers more effectively. After all, building the best and largest car wash in the Benelux is a journey that cannot be rushed. Right, Bello? 

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