Our areas of Expertise

Mobile app development

It is hard to imagine our daily life without mobile applications. They are being developed in all shapes and sizes. LiveWall develops web-based applications, native applications, and hybrid applications. In addition, mobile applications can run on different operating systems such as Android, iPhone, and iPad.

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Customized Applications

LiveWall has extensive experience in developing mobile applications, and we are happy to guide you through the entire process. Because we are a full service digital agency, we can advise you about the content of your mobile application as well as the functionalities, possibilities, and design. Your customers wishes are our starting point.

Choose your Tech

There are different decisions to be made regarding an application. 

Native development: here we create the application specifically for IOS or Android. By doing so, we ensure the optimal use of the performance and possibilities of the devices in the programming languages specifically created for those platforms.

Hybrid development: the disadvantage of native development is that the development time is longer. A good alternative is a hybrid app. For a hybrid app, we often use React Native, which allows you to launch faster to both iOS and Android.

Web application: it is also possible to create an application that feels like a native app by using web technology or a Progressive Web App (PWA). This takes less time, but it also gives you less options and possibilities.

Why LiveWall

At LiveWall we never sit back. We use the latest technologies or the technology that fits best, as long as it is user-friendly. Your user experience is leading. Fortunately, at LiveWall we are not tied to fixed modules or platforms: we prefer to go for custom-made, where everything is developed in-house. At LiveWall we have a lot of experience in creating different types of apps: from social apps, to data-driven or high volume apps. And from B2B to B2C.


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