Backstage report: Innovation in apps and platforms – An interview with Mathijs Bontje

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Backstage report: Innovation in apps and platforms – An interview with Mathijs Bontje

Today, we take a glimpse into the world of our colleague Mathijs Bontje, or as he’s known around the office, 'Bontje'. With a background in IT and a Master's in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence from Tilburg University, Mathijs has embarked on an impressive journey from tester to team lead at LiveWall.

From tester to team lead

Bontje commenced his career at LiveWall as an applications and websites tester, swiftly transitioning into project management. Now, he leads a diverse team of approximately 25 colleagues, comprising designers, project managers, and developers. Together, they tackle a broad spectrum of apps and web platforms. "My role is to ensure everyone can work smoothly, from planning to personal growth," Mathijs explains.

Daily challenges and focus

Mathijs' daily activities range from direct involvement in client projects to focusing on team dynamics and growth. Although the number of client projects remains constant, he has shifted his focus to the team, crucial for ensuring projects run smoothly and everyone is in the right place.

The core of Mathijs’ projects: apps and platforms

At LiveWall, a platform is seen as something continuously evolving. "A platform is like a living organism, always developing, never static," Mathijs elucidates. Whether it's designing apps for smartphones or web apps that operate via a browser, the diversity and scope of projects at LiveWall are vast. These can range from fully designed and developed in-house projects to client-specific solutions.

Innovation as a driver of effectiveness and creativity

Innovation is at the heart of LiveWall. Mathijs stays abreast of the latest technologies through a mix of personal interest and structured team meetings. "Every two weeks, we gather to brainstorm innovative solutions for our clients," he says. This encompasses everything from generative AI to the latest web development technologies.

An intriguing project during the COVID period was creating a streaming service for surgical education, a swift and innovative solution to ensure educational continuity. For the future, Mathijs sees tremendous potential in using AI to generate code, increasing efficiency and fostering more creativity within the team.


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