The Impact of TikTok: LiveWall and 9292

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The Impact of TikTok: LiveWall and 9292

"Here we are again." Those were the four words that Gio and Jade, a famous YouTube couple, spoke to each other in their umpteenth break-up video. These were also the four words that marked the explosive beginning of the collaboration between LiveWall and 9292, the online platform for all public and shared transport in the Netherlands. By using a clip from that video, we tapped into the TikTok trend that has gripped online Netherlands at precisely the right moment. The result? Over 1 million views and 79,000 likes within one week. You can watch it here. 👇

What's the importance of having a strong presence on the TikTok platform? And how do you tap into the right trends at the right time?

Reaching a Broad Audience in an Authentic Way

A strong presence on TikTok is incredibly important, and we can't emphasize this enough. The platform allows organizations to quickly reach a massive audience, including a diverse and young demographic. While reaching this group can sometimes be challenging, TikTok is the ideal place to engage with them. And that's what makes TikTok not only excellent for expanding reach but also powerful for strengthening your brand identity.

Being on TikTok enables you to position your brand in an approachable and authentic manner. It's not just about your product or service, but rather about the personal aspect that resonates with the audience: your values. TikTok allows brands to come across as more human and accessible, thereby building a deeper connection with their target audience.

Tapping into Current Events

To achieve this for 9292, we continually work on creating relatable content. This is best done by tapping into trends, current events, or relatable content that aligns with your audience. This can be anything: a hilarious clip from a popular TV show, memes, an interview that viewers can relate to, or even a YouTube video that goes viral at that moment. Pick your moment. Then you tweak it just a bit so that it aligns perfectly with your brand. For 9292, we depicted Jade and Gio in a tram, as if they were on their way to work on a Monday morning. Humor, relatability, and a touch of satire: that's the success of this video.

Looking Ahead

Taking steps together to be relevant at the right time and fully leveraging the benefits of TikTok is what's on the horizon. Our approach is based on close collaboration and testing content that resonates with both 9292 and their audience. To ensure diverse content, we collaborate with creator agencies. This enables us to produce various types of content and videos, strengthening 9292's online presence. So, keep an eye on us. And perhaps we'll pop up on your feed soon.

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