How LiveWall Elevated Brabant Water's Employer Brand

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How LiveWall Elevated Brabant Water's Employer Brand

In a saturated job market, finding new talent is no small feat. This is true for Brabant Water, the organisation responsible for ensuring safe drinking water throughout the province of North Brabant in The Netherlands. This was reason enough to team up with LiveWall for a splashy collaboration. The outcome? A tailor-made campaign, specifically designed to recruit new IT talent. Dive deep into this blog to discover everything about Brabant Water's new recruitment campaign. 🚀

From a Dull Office to a Splashy Workplace

"Dive into the world of Brabant Water" is the campaign's motto. To convey this message to the target audience, we started by conceptualising and creating the HERO video. This video plays a pivotal role in promoting careers at Brabant Water online and serves as the initial touchpoint between the organisation and its recruitment target: IT professionals. It's crucial to use this video to persuade, excite, and inspire the audience.

The video follows an IT professional who leaves his mundane office life to explore the world of working at Brabant Water. The journey starts in an everyday office where boredom sets in, and our protagonist drifts off to sleep. In a dreamy sequence, he falls backward into a water-rich world where innovation is at the forefront. Here, he's introduced to the fascinating IT opportunities at Brabant Water, from creating 3D drawings with virtual reality to touring the company's impressive server room.

Engaging the Target Audience

After the initial touch with the HERO video, we prompt the audience to take action. To direct IT professionals to Brabant Water's revamped recruitment website, we developed a series of short videos and portrait photos at various Brabant Water locations during the Think and Do phase. The goal? To encourage the audience to apply. To achieve this, we created online content featuring Brabant Water employees who personally address the audience. With quotes, highlighting USPs, and using compelling language to explain the significance of their roles at Brabant Water. This content can be found on relevant social channels for IT professionals, as the header image on the recruitment website, and on printed and poster materials.

A Refreshing Dive into a World of Opportunities

The content we produce for Brabant Water significantly strengthens its employer brand. The message? At Brabant Water, you're not just working in IT. You're working in a world full of possibilities, where your contributions are of utmost importance.

A Challenging Shoot

Transitioning from the office to the water-rich universe was technically challenging, but it was also the highlight of the video. Thanks to creative thinking and the use of a swimming pool to craft the perfect diving scene, we achieved a seamless transition that takes viewers from the drab office world to the vibrant workplace at Brabant Water.

Employer Branding by LiveWall: &ploy

In today's job market, attracting and retaining new employees is a challenge for many organizations. To meet recruitment goals, a strong employer brand is essential. Meet &ploy: LiveWall's employer branding label. Our team of employer branding experts always goes the extra mile, for instance, by creating unique, fit-for-channel video content that resonates with your target audience and organisation. Curious about what &ploy can do for you? Check out the website.

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