LiveWall and AS Watson win gold content award for the Kruidvat recruitment marketing campaign!

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LiveWall and AS Watson win gold content award for the Kruidvat recruitment marketing campaign!

In the dynamic world of recruitment and selection, it is crucial to stand out and strike the right chord with potential employees. Team Kruidvat, a subsidiary of A.S. Watson Benelux, took on this challenge and excelled brilliantly. Together with LiveWall, they won the prestigious CMTA (Creative Marketing and Technology Awards) in the B2E (Business to Employee) category with their groundbreaking case: "How Team Kruidvat Realized 30,000 New Applications Within Six Months: #Vriendenteam aan, bijbaan gááán"

With hundreds of stores across the Netherlands, Kruidvat is constantly looking for new colleagues. Their main target group? Part-time workers. In collaboration with LiveWall, Team Kruidvat took a close look at their employer brand, and the result is nothing short of impressive - a surge of as many as 30,000 new applications.

LiveWall designed a tailor-made recruitment campaign for AS Watson with the catchy hashtag: “#Vriendenteam aan, bijbaan gááán” The campaign included not only a refreshed website but also video vacancies, duo WhatsApp applications, and striking TikTok, Meta, and Snapchat campaigns that seamlessly align with the needs of the target group.

What made this campaign so successful? The answer lies in the combination of creativity, innovation, and understanding of the target group. In a time when the job market is saturated and young people have demanding attitudes towards potential employers, Team Kruidvat managed to double the number of applicants in just six months."

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