New AI Tool for Event Managers Launched: EventCreator

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New AI Tool for Event Managers Launched: EventCreator

Tilburg - LiveWall Events presents EventCreator, an innovative AI assistant designed to support event managers in planning and promoting events. This tool, developed in collaboration with LiveWall's AI Playground, promises to streamline the workflow of professionals by assisting in tasks such as creating a playbook, suggesting event names, and generating promotional content.

Marc van Liere, team lead at LiveWall Events, explains: "This AI-driven application acts like a digital colleague, always ready with creative ideas and support. After launching an AI side-kick for event attendees last month, we quickly realized that event managers too needed some extra intellectual power. We are now introducing that power with EventCreator!"

What sets EventCreator apart is its integration of renowned AI tools like ChatGPT and Dall-E, optimized for the context of event planning. Eelco van de Wiel, co-founder of LiveWall and an expert in generative AI, emphasizes the importance of this approach: "The potential of AI is fully realized when tailored to specific applications. We aim to make AI accessible and relevant for event professionals."

While EventCreator is a powerful tool, it's not intended to replace human event managers. On the contrary, it's designed to help them focus on what they do best: creating memorable events.

EventCreator is the latest addition to LiveWall Events' comprehensive software suite. "Our package provides all the digital tools needed for a successful event - from registration software to interactive presentations. With the addition of AI capabilities, we hope to further enhance the experience for both attendees and organizers," says Van Liere.

Try EventCreator for free now at

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