LiveWall launches branded game studio Levells.

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LiveWall launches branded game studio Levells.

LiveWall launches a branded game studio focusing on game development for brands and organizations. Levells emphasizes the power of gaming as a means for brand engagement and customer loyalty.

Levells builds on years of international experience in game development for leading brands. Its portfolio includes brands like McDonald's, Rituals, Just Eat Takeaway, and Red Bull. The success achieved from these collaborations showed that custom-made branded games significantly contribute to increasing brand involvement, collecting valuable data, and boosting sales.

"We noticed that there is a high demand in the current market for effective games that achieve campaign objectives. Additionally, they must also have a high fun-factor to provide entertainment. According to Levells, the power of gaming lies in a unique combination of entertainment and effectiveness," says Maarten van Bogaert, Head of Strategy at LiveWall.

Levells developed a flexible platform, allowing for the quick launch of 2D and 3D games across various markets. This platform guarantees a high degree of customization options in terms of design and language and campaign systems. This way, specific KPIs are effectively pursued at the local level.

Thanks to this technology and the accumulated expertise, Levells not only thinks along at the campaign level but also in terms of engagement strategies. This achieves long-lasting connections with the target audience.

LiveWall is known for its combination of technology and creativity. The company specializes in conceiving and creating online experiences, creative concepts, innovative products, eye-catching campaigns, and smart apps for international brands such as McDonald's, The Walt Disney Company, Coca Cola, and Warner Music.

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