This AI assistant takes your event to the next level

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 This AI assistant takes your event to the next level

This AI assistant takes your event to the next level

Imagine this: you attend an event and immediately gain access to a personal assistant that answers all your questions. It also provides you with personalized recommendations to ensure you make the most of the event. For instance, it might inform you about the best train to take, which speakers to attend, and what kind of food to expect at the reception (also quite important). That's exactly what LiveWall achieves with its latest creation: an AI Event Assistant named 'Robin'. What makes Robin innovative, and how does it transform the way we experience events? We'll explain it to you. 👇

How AI Assistant Robin Came to Life

The concept of an AI Event Assistant was already in place five years ago, but recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence paved the way for its actual development. Robin has now been integrated as a chatbot into the PresentersWall tool—an online hub where guests can find all event-related information, engage in interactions, and network. From registration, ticketing, and information dissemination to digital interactions, match-making, and evaluations.

You might be wondering: why would you still need an AI assistant like Robin then? Well, it's to find answers to the questions that aren't so easy to answer. "Which session suits me best? Are there vegan snacks at the reception? Which train should I take back home?" Questions like these can easily be posed to Robin. Think of it as the sidekick to your favorite superhero. The hero always has a goal, and the sidekick helps them achieve it. Frodo had Sam, Asterix had Obelix, and event-goers? They’ve got Robin.

AI Assistance for Data Gathering

Prior to, during, and after the event, Robin assists visitors with all their questions—from registration to evaluation. During the event, Robin truly acts as your assistant. You can ask it anything—from relevant networking tips to allergy information about the cookies with the coffee. Even after the event, Robin seeks feedback from attendees. This allows organizers to gather valuable insights and data. So, an AI assistant goes beyond just programs and information; it's there to answer questions and make recommendations.

Why AI Chatbots are the Future of Event Management

In the past, chatbots were impersonal, with a limited set of pre-programmed responses. It took a lot of time to anticipate and program every possible scenario or answer in advance. With AI assistance and chatbots like Robin, that's a thing of the past. That's why it also offers the ideal solution for event managers. By simply uploading all event details, such as general information, available speakers, and the schedule, Robin creates a dynamic chatbot with context.

Robin goes beyond standard answers and can even share travel tips, LinkedIn profiles, and images. An AI assistant like Robin gives you as an event manager the ability to meticulously plan all your desires—and thus your event. The result? A seamless and personalized gathering, shaped exactly the way you want it. All of this happens with ease and precision.

Want to Learn More?

In a time where technology creates new opportunities, Robin promises to have a significant impact on how we experience events. If you want to learn more about AI assistance, Robin, and the broader impact of AI, feel free to get in touch with us. We're more than happy to brainstorm with you.

The unveiling of Robin will take place on August 31, 2023, during the Inspire Festival. Robin will become available to the general public in early 2024. Until then, members of the Society for Event Managers will have the privilege of being the first to use the new AI assistant.

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