The explainer of explainers: the ultimate way to comprehensively explain topics or concepts

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The explainer of explainers: the ultimate way to comprehensively explain topics or concepts

This is how you convey information to your target audience

The best way to convey information to your target audience? Use an explainer! These are useful explanatory videos that you employ to inform your target audience. They provide the perfect answer to the questions your audience has. Want to know what possibilities an explainer can offer you? Read on quickly, or check out our explainer about explainers.

Explainer videos: what are they?

An explainer is an explanatory video in which a (often) complex subject is explained to the viewer in a clear, concise, and powerful way. Explainers are ideal for people who want quick answers to complicated questions. The biggest advantage is that you can use them in so many ways: from explaining a complex concept, product, or service to clarifying your brand story. Your options are endless! Additionally, explainers give your conversion a significant boost and ensure that visitors stay on your website up to 2 times longer. Sounds good, right? Our colleague Marc will tell you more about explainers below.

Why choose an explainer?

Explainers are hugely popular. Explanatory and how-to videos are among the most viewed online video content. This is because they respond to the growing need for quick and easy-to-understand information. Did you know that our brains process visual elements up to 60,000 times faster than just text? This means that video content is the quick, new way to communicate efficiently and explain to your target audience or client.

Tips & tricks for a strong explainer

Do you want to create a good explainer? To retain your viewer's attention, the content of your video needs several ingredients. We'll explain! 👇

Less is more

The attention span of your viewers? It's shorter than you think. Visitors to video content often tune out after just a few seconds. So be concise and powerful, introduce your topic right away, and prepare a strong script.

Ensure a strong speaker

Presenting is a profession in its own right. Therefore, choose a presenter (or voice-over) who can articulate your story well and aligns with your organization. Place the presenter in a fresh studio setting. This way, you convey the message of your video directly and bring recognizability to your videos.

Make it visually appealing

The eye also wants something beautiful! Therefore, use graphics and animation in your explainer. This way, you stand out among all available content and keep your viewer's attention longer.

Check out our explainers (Dutch)

Explainervideo Achmea

Explainervideo Zorg van de Zaak

Creating an explainer video: this is how you do it 👇

An explainer video is the ideal way to exchange information with your target audience or clients. At LiveWall, we also started developing explainers. How did we do that? Let's explain!

Step 1. Determine the message

A good start is half the battle. Before we start recording, we brainstorm about the core message. Which company is it for, what is the tone of voice, and which information is truly essential to tell? Is it about the company's vision, or is it an explanatory video about a particular topic? Based on this information, we determine the message behind the video.

Step 2. Write a script

Is the message clear? Then we start writing a catchy script. With that script, we convey the message to the viewer, but we also ensure that the presenter has a solid foundation.

Step 3. Action!

Script ready, presenter set? Time for action! For the recordings of explainers, we use a studio space, complete with a green screen and teleprompter. A green screen is ideal because, after the recordings, you choose which background really makes the explainer pop. So you have complete freedom in this!

Step 4. Use motion graphics

Last, but not least: editing the video and adding animations or motion graphics. A good explainer is not only informative but also visually appealing to watch. This way, you reinforce your message and make your video much more lively. Our animators and motion graphic designers ensure that your viewers keep their attention on your video!

Want to create an explainer?

So, this is how you ensure a compelling explainer. Do you also want an explainer for your organization? We'd love to assist you!

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