Leveraging Platforms to Enhance Employee Vitality

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Leveraging Platforms to Enhance Employee Vitality

Supporting employees in their health and well-being. As an HR manager, this sounds ideal to you. But offering such support is often easier said than done. Because the definition of vitality is broad and varies from organisation to organisation. How can you help your employees with their vitality, beyond just offering a gym membership?

Platforms give you the freedom to implement vitality at the level that suits your company. Wondering what's involved? Let us explain!👇

The importance of a good landing

On a platform, the landing page is the perfect place to consolidate all the vital information and offerings regarding the vitality goals you have set for your organisation. Creating a landing page is the first step in engaging employees. Here, you introduce vitality and explain its significance to your staff. Provide facts, tips, and detailed information about your offerings.

Personalize the platform

Your personal platform is the centerpiece of your vitality program. It provides ample space to share in-depth information about crucial topics. Your vitality platform also offers useful tools and resources, such as e-learning and self-tests. With a personal dashboard, you ensure employees can track their activities and the available resources within existing themes. This platform is where employees get motivated and start focusing on their vitality. Achieve this with:

  • A personal dashboard: With a customized greeting for each employee

  • A tailor-made experience: By offering relevant and up-to-date e-learning content

  • Relevant activations & insights: That enhance information provision and autonomy

  • Engaging news: To provide more insights to your employees

The vitality platform as a personal coach

Want to activate employees and offer a 'fun element'? Use your platform as a personal coach. Using various gamification and engagement techniques, you can keep employees motivated. The platform also provides insights into the progress of your employees, ensuring they consistently work towards their vitality goals and achieve them. Achieve this with:

  • A supportive role for your employees: Send them encouraging and positive messages

  • Live statistics: Providing insight and focusing on goals

  • Tracking: Delving deep into e-learning training

  • A fun-factor: With tools and games that encourage participation


Curious about how we at LiveWall develop a vitality platform and the tools we use? Check out our best cases for our top clients. 👇

Basic-Fit All-in: Fitness for Your Lifestyle

For Basic-Fit, LiveWall developed a special platform that aligns seamlessly with their new proposition: 'Basic-Fit: go ALL-IN.' With the new Basic-Fit app, you can work out at home with the same enthusiasm as at the gym. With the app and a smart exercise bike, you elevate your fitness journey, follow classes, and challenge yourself for personal bests. All data is neatly tracked in the app and synced with your Basic-Fit account.

Smart Nutrition with Vytal

Vytal offers an advanced nutrition platform for sports clubs and coaches. The app creates personalized meal plans based on your needs, allergies, and even what you have at home. With a handy app on your phone, your personal nutrition guide is always within reach. The interactive dashboard lets you track your progress and understand your dietary choices.

Explore and Perform with the App

The app is your go-to for tracking walks and exploring beautiful routes. This app not only provides an overview of your walks and personal stats but also rewards you with badges and levels as you walk more. The social aspect isn't overlooked – you can work towards goals with others and enjoy a walking community.

Keep Your Well-being in Focus with the Quick Referral Point

For 'zorg van de zaak' (care for the job), LiveWall developed the Quick Referral Point. A health platform that supports individuals, teams, and organisations. With a wide range of interventions and support, you can easily find the right help that suits you. With convenient search and filter options, well-being is always at your fingertips. This creates a healthy and engaged environment where well-being and performance always go hand in hand.

LiveWall Enriches Your Organisation's Workplace

At LiveWall, we specialize in optimizing the workplace. We are experts in developing practical solutions that fit seamlessly with your organisation. We build apps, handle employer branding campaigns, and have award-winning platforms for onboarding. From vitality modules to gamification.

We prefer to go beyond just building. We add value to your existing systems and create a positive user experience. Everything is flexible and customized to suit your organisation and employer brand. Curious about how we do this? Check out our success stories and projects that show how vitality can make a difference in your organisation. 🚀

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