Our areas of expertise

Mobile games and gamification

LiveWall develops branded mobile games and apps to strengthen gamification, engagement, and loyalty. With playful elements, we ensure that users become true brand ambassadors, or that they learn more about a particular topic.

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Branded mobile games

LiveWall develops online and mobile games to promote brands. Think of skill games, platform games, or games about storytelling. We develop everything ourselves, in-house. Whether that is a 2D game, a story-based game, or a 3D game. For example: we develop games for McDonald’s worldwide, that effectively contribute to customer loyalty. 

With our subsidiary Wave, we also do this in the sports world.

Loyalty and data

The campaigns increase loyalty because you turn customers into real fans! This way, we ensure that your database is more engaged, you can increase the CLV of your base and you can enrich data in a new way.

The data can then be used for better segmentation in your CRM system for the most personalized follow-up communication possible. We can even go so far as to personalize the appearance of the game based on user preferences, for example.

Gamification and e-learning

In addition to branded mobile games for various purposes, we also develop gamification solutions for e-learning. By using gamification elements, the knowledge sticks better, it is more fun to learn and you gather valuable insights. Think for example of a Trivia game for the Efteling to learn how the personnel policy is going to change or a live heart rate monitor to learn more about the enthusiasm of visitors at a soccer stadium.

Why we use games and gamification

The use of games and gamification is a successful strategy for engagement and e-learning purposes:

1. A consumer who is engaged has a 3x higher purchase intention;

2. A positive brand experience is more influential than advertising for 65% of consumers;

3. If you don't have a good customer experience, you lose 87% of your customers;

4. LiveWall makes simple and fun bitesized games, which are proven to contribute to loyalty;


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