Back to school with the Maze game

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Mediamarkt - Back to school with the Maze game


In collaboration with MediaMarkt, LiveWall is developing a Maze Game as part of the MediaMarkt Back2School campaign that kicks off every summer.

The Back2School Maze Game is a branded mobile game where players need to find the exit as quickly as possible through the aisles of the MediaMarkt.


In this game, players are dropped into a randomly generated maze and navigate it using an on-screen controller. During their quest for the exit, they come across (study) gadgets that yield extra points. In addition to these gadgets, there are also power-ups that give the player more time or provide an overview of the maze to find the exit faster. Between the levels, there is space for MediaMarkt suppliers to showcase certain products with direct links to the product pages.

Mediamarkt - Back to school with the Maze game
Mediamarkt - Back to school with the Maze game

Prizes and goals

The more points you collect, the higher you rank on the leaderboard. Every week, as long as the campaign runs, the top 10 have a chance to win fantastic prizes.

Through this short game, MediaMarkt aims to increase their visibility among (future) students and boosts sales while putting selected suppliers and products in the spotlight. They want to prepare (future) students for the new school year by introducing them to the latest (study) gadgets. Let's go Back2School!

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