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Elho is a flourishing, family-owned company with over 50 years of experience in making synthetic pottery and related products. On Mother's Day, the supplier of the trendy flowerpots Elho gave away 1000 flowerpots to passers. To make this guerilla action go viral, LiveWall was set to develop a mobile website. 

At two locations in Amsterdam, 1000 flowerpots were placed where passers were allowed to take the pots by themselves. Each pot was provided with a card which requested to fill the flowerpot with flowers and give it away as a Mother’s Day present.

Via the QR code of the mobile website, the passers who won a flowerpot could immediately submit a photo of his or her mother with the flowerpot. Then this picture could be shared online on his or her timeline to share the Elho action on Facebook with all his/her Facebook friends.


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