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Receive a personal after movie from your favorite festival!

The number of festivals has increased enormously in recent years. As a result, it is important to create an improved festival experience by interacting with visitors.


To achieve this, LiveWall developed an interactive camera-system for all Dancetour festivals. This system allows the visitors of the VIP-deck to take photos of themselves at the festival, which were published later in their personalized after movie.


The technique in 9 steps:


1. Play the game: Before the event, the participants play a quiz to win VIP-tickets.


2. Get to the top-20: Participants with the highest score enter the top-20 and will receive VIP-tickets.


3. Invite: Winners will invite three Facebook friends which can join them on the VIP-deck.


4. Access to VIP-deck: During the event you will gain access to the VIP-deck and you can stand next to

the DJ's.


5. Wristbands: Get your personal wristband with NFC-tag that is connected to your Facebook account.


6. In the photo: Scan your personal wristband and it will activate the Go-Pro cameras that capture your VIP moments with photos and videos.


7. Personal mail: The day after the event you will receive a personal after movie in your email.


8. After movie: The video can be downloaded and shared.


9. Timeline: The video will be placed directly on your Facebook timeline.


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