McDonald’s Serving Game

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McDonald's - McDonald’s Serving Game


Serving games? Our colleagues at LiveWall have got that covered.

The most popular burgers from your favorite fast food chain are being celebrated with the Best Burger Campaign: read more about the McDonald's Serving Game here.

McDonald's - McDonald’s Serving Game
McDonald's - McDonald’s Serving Game

The game

LiveWall has developed the McDonald's Serving Game as a new feature for the McDonald's app. In this game, users prepare and serve McDonald's most popular burgers to "customers". When the customers in the game are happy, you earn points. Besides increasing engagement amongst the McDonald's customers, the game also leads to more downloads of the McDonald's app. 

Thought has been given to the added value for users. By going to stores and buy McDonald’s products, users earn loyalty points. With these points, they can get discounts or free products with their McDonald's orders. However, We built a new mechanism that gives players the chance to use their loyalty points in the game to gain extra lives. This way they get a chance to be at the top of the leaderboard. The top 3 winners of the game receive a coupon for free McDonald's merchandise. The scores are updated weekly on an interactive leaderboard.

McDonald's - McDonald’s Serving Game
McDonald's - McDonald’s Serving Game

The challenge and objective

The design of the game is entirely new. Since the game is available on mobile, it was a great challenge to display all the different playable elements in one screen. We ensured that all visual elements seamlessly aligned with McDonald's specific branding.

With this game, McDonald's aims to provide more insight into the effort involved in preparing the burgers. The main objective was to create more engagement in the McDonald's app.

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