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App against food waste

Belgium wastes an average of 314 to 372 kg of food per person per year. The free Rekub app fights food waste online.

Rekub began as a pop-up restaurant in the summer of 2015 in Antwerp. The restaurant cooked exclusively with leftovers. This initiative became the Rekub app, which makes people aware of the fact that a lot of food is thrown away. We, as consumers, are at least partly responsible for this.

The app
The Rekub app is a platform for merchants with food surpluses and for consumers. Shops post products which they won't sell, for example because the expiration date is approaching. Consumers are looking for products and visit the shop to collect this 'rescued food'.

The app is a digital display on which you can read wich stores offer certain products at a discount . Currently twelve Antwerp traders registered on Rekub: including Delhaize, Oxfam and fresh store Fruxino. Hopefully, this network will be extended.

The app is free to download for iOS and Android.


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