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LiveWall has made multiple Facebook applications for Universal Germany.

The succes of the #selfie song from the Chainsmokers is exceeding expectations. In just two months the video got 53 million views on Youtube. To boost this succes in Germany, Universal music asked LiveWall to develop a facebook app.

The main idea for this app is that a user can choose some of its facebook pictures, and create a short personal selfie video with those pictures.

Subsequently the LiveWall office recieved a “order” and the video would automatically render. At the highest peak, LiveWall had to use at least 13 computers to get it done in time, due to the popularity.

Lieder app
LiveWall developed a facebook game, commissioned by Universal Germany. By reason of a promotion campaign called "Lieder" for the German singer Adel Tawil.
In "Lieder", Adel Tawil describes his life through the music that has influenced him. The lyrics of the song that plays contain references to other songs. During the game you will see several songtitles fly through the image. The player should click on the title that fits the lyrics.
Eventually, the player can share his score on his personal Facebook page.

Love-messages with Ellie Goulding
Not only did LiveWall develop the Lieder-app but they have also made a Facebook app for Ellie Goulding. Users could send a personal love-message to a friend using the app on valentines day. 


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