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LiveWall developed a website and a Facebook app for Zeeman.

Zeeman produces underwear for everyone. And therefore they were looking for underwear models in all shapes and sizes. They were looking for all types of people, like men, women and children who are young, old, fat or skinny. Anyone who dares.  Zeeman aspires to find a series of "models" that look "normal" through this campaign to show that anyone can be an underwear model.   


By uploading a picture of yourself, participants had a chance to get their picture on the Zeeman flyer, the website, at the in-store posters or have a video-shot in the tv-commercial on national television. 

Facebook App

Due to the fact that not all fans dare to upload a photo of themselves in their underwear, LiveWall has developed a Facebook app that gives the fans an opportunity to upload a photo of their face into an existing model body. The next step was to post these photos to their timeline. Afterwards they were redirected to the Zeeman website.

 To promote the activation on the website, the interactive and unique Facebook app was used. This combination brought more engagement, and was therefore a lot more effective than "just" an advertisement.


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